ProfiShark 10G

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    ProfiShark 10G

    ProfiShark™ 10G: 1G/10G SFP+ into USB 3.0 portable
    troubleshooter, with hardware filtering

    ProfiShark 10G is a powerful, versatile portable network TAP. It is designed to enable field engineers to quickly get in the path of network packets and capture high fidelity traffic data for monitoring purposes, as well as long-term traffic collection.

    ProfiShark 10G accepts 1G fiber, 10G fiber, 1G copper, and 10G copper SFPs, bringing the ease of use and performance of the ProfiShark design to new heights. Powered by USB 3.0, the ProfiShark 10G captures network traffic — packets of all sizes and types — with high accuracy hardware timestamping. The packets can in turn be analyzed with Wireshark or any network analyzer. To streamline the analysis process and save storage space, hardware filters help you capture only the data you need.

    The ProfiShark series includes other essential features, such as packet slicing, statistics, configuration options, and high-performance capture to disk, through our own ProfiShark Manager application.

    Member companies of the Avnu Alliance can contact Vprime for a special discount.